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Field deployable optical cables can be broken or damaged during operation. To retain their mechanical and optical parameters, an optical continuation needs to be recovered as well as the cable needs to be repaired mechanically to carry the strengths and tensions as before the damage. Also, it needs to be protected against the moisture intake.
The solution need to allow the cable to be reeled onto the drum again, so the repair unit needs to be either flexible (FTOS) or short enough (HEIS or FORK).

Standard telecom solutions cannot be applied, first for the enormous size of the cable closures, second for their limited capability to retain the mechanical parameters. The kits need to be also relatively simple to operate by the middle-level trained personnel with the simple tools, no electricity usage.

Radiotechnika offers the following solutions to the customers:

  • FTOS flexible repair kit,
  • HEIS and FORK short, metal bodied repair kit


Image   Image   Image
FTOS flexible repair kit mounted on the field deployable optical cable.   HEIS metal-bodied repair kit mounted on the field deployable optical cable.   FORK metal-bodied repair kit mounted on the field deployable optical cable.

We do repairs of the cable applying the technologies described above, as well as we are more than interested in training and sales of the repair kits to our customers to give them opportunity to leverage their cable maintenance level.
We offer:

  • repair kits for the fibre optic cables which fully retain the optical, environmental and mechanical parameters of the optical link,
  • tool-sets for the repair kits,
  • appropriate trainings, focused on the procedures of termination, repair and measurement,
  • measuring equipment for diagnosis of damage and for verification of repair.
Complete tool-set for HEIS repair kit.


Jacek Rzeźnicki