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As a company with strong tradition in developing products which should fulfill the hardest demands for electromagnetic compatibility we can offer very unique service for our customers. For the customers’ devices which do not meet the requirements of electromagnetic compatibility standards or demands, we design and deliver dedicated suppression systems. Based on outstanding practical experience of our specialists, we can custom design or redesign the device to achieve full compliance with the requirements of the relevant EMC standards. All work is carried out in close cooperation with the Customer design office. Our own testing laboratory allows us to perform regular testing of modified equipment at every stage of the service. This significantly reduces the cost and time needed to develop the necessary changes.

We address not only the issues concerning product compliance with the RFI requirements but also issues concerning mutual cooperation between sub-systems for integration and implementation of complex electrical and electronic systems.

After completion of construction works we provide final tests in order to review the effectiveness of the changes implemented. The tests can be carried out both in the EMC Laboratory for electronic devices or on-site for large scale, complex systems or vehicles & machines.

Modifications that have successfully been implemented in the Clients' products included: combat vehicles, trucks, submarines, industrial installations, building automation, and audio-video equipment.

Experience and confidence are the two key aspects in provision of such advanced services. Both were repeatedly confirmed by the number of work performed for our clients, both in the military and civil market.

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