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Standard media converters are described widely in the section: Distribution; Computer Networks. The appliances described below are the examples of “tailor-made” solutions. They are designed for non-standard, electrical signal, that needs to be transmitted with the fibre optic line and then reconverted into the electrical signal.


Our experienced engineers are able to offer special solutions, not available on the market. What makes our solutions different is the parameters of our appliances. The example is a converter that uses an absolute minimum of supply power with the “sleep” mode for the periods when the unit is not transmitting. Another example is the possibility to transmit a few non-standard signals within one fibre. We are able to design units that employs both laser and LED light sources, working together with the SM or MM systems. or both SM/MM in one converter.

Media converter  

An excellent example for our special design media converter is a “FORS” module. It enables transmission of any serial signal in the range of 0Hz do 1,5MHz for the distance of 15-20km (dependant on the transmission line parameters), at the maximum power consumption level of 100mW (average: 70mW). Another specific feature of the appliance is a very broad range of tolerance of input dynamics. It guarantees a proper operation both at the few kilometres and a few meter connection without any additional attenuating circuits. Due to the customer specific needs, this particular FORS unit was designed as a part of the bigger system. It Is also possible to be operated as a separate and independent appliance, eventually within the cover that could be DIN rail mounted.


Jacek Rzeźnicki