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.050 " grid.
From 9 to 100 contacts in the DSUB connector systems.
Selected arrangements in accordance with MIL-DTL-83513.
Signal contacts (up to 3A), crimped, soldered PCBs.
Pre-installed versions with wires.

Manufacturers Catalogues: Glenair, TE Connectivity, Amphenol


Mighty Mouse

The largest amount of contacts arrangements and cablaccessories of all micro-minature connectors.
Cylindrical connectors with electrical and environmental parameters similar to D38999 but on average 71% lighter - 52% smaller
From 3 to 130 signal contacts (up to 46A), optional coax, optical ferrule contacts.
Connectors dedicated to drones (UAV), avionics, armament of "the soldier of the future".
Closing: fine thread, trapezoidal thread, bayonet, push-pull.
Operating Temperature: -55 ° C to +150 ° C.

Manufacturers Catalogues: Glenair, Amphenol


Amphenol Terrapin

Cylindrical connectors with IP68 sealing, also unmated and without protective caps.
From 7 to 37 signal contacts (3A and 7.5 A).
Push-pull closure with optional locking mechanism.
Operating temperature: -55 ° C to +125 ° C.



Amphenol HD38999

Density from 30% to 50% higher with environmental and electrical parameters in accordance with MIL-DTL-38999 series III.
From 8 to 187 signal contacts (up to 5A), optional filtered or PCB contacts.
Operating temperature: -65 ° C to +175 ° C.

Amphenol HD38999




Push-Pull connectors in metal housing. Contact configurations for power and data transmission. Very small and robust. Fischer and Lemo equivalents available.

Catalogs: ODU series L, K, B, ODU series F.



Push-Pull and Break-Away connectors in metal housing. Excellent for military applications. Special versions: ODU AMC® Easy-Clean and ODU AMC® High-Density available. Suitable for USB, 1Gbit Ethernet, 10Gbit Ethernet transmission. Very small and robust (5000 mating cycles).

Catalogs: ODU AMC®, ODU AMC® High-Density.