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Radio Marketing has been representing AMETEK Airtechnology Ltd. (AMETEK AG) in Poland since 2005. We offer group and individual air conditioning systems for military applications.

AMETEK AG  achieved the highest level of knowledge and has gained vast experience in the area  of air-conditioning systems. This allows us to provide customised solutions to ensure optimum working conditions to the crew  and electronics installed in of military vehicles. These systems have already been implemented in a number of tracked and wheeled military vehicles, airplanes and helicopters allowing work in ambient temperatures from -46 ° C to +55 ° C.

Modern military vehicles force the crew to work under pressure (closed room) and at a temperature much higher than outside. The high temperature is caused by heat radiated to the crew compartment from the engine hull, heating from the sun and vehicle chassis and in addition heat generated by working electronics resulting directly from its electrical efficiency. As a result of the vehicle heating it may be considered unsuitable for use even in the European climate. In order to prevent these negative trends it is necessary to implement the Environment Control System (ECS). Its main component is an active cooling system. The choice of its parameters depends on factors causing heating of the vehicle and on the crew cabin desired temperature. This is not an easy task.


Environment Control System for KTO Rosomak

Portable airport air conditioner unit

Individual cooling system for a pilot