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38999 reduced flange receptacles


Connectors with high frequency coax, twinax, quadrax contacts


Złącza RJ Field and USB Field connectors

Radiotechnika is value added assembling distributor of 38999 reduced flange receptacles derived by Amphenol from MIL-DTL-38999 series III. Up to 41% footprint surface and 20% average weight savings.


Connectors with special contacts dedicated to high speed analog and digital data transmission


Standard Ethernet cat.5E and USB connectors rugedized for hars enviroment applications

Manufacturer catalogues: Amphenol, Polamco, Glenair.

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SJT (VG96912) connectors


Rack and panel cylindrical connectors


Cylindrical subminiature bayonet locked connectors according to PAN6433-2,
LN29729, BS9522F0012, VG96912 specifications


Connection between a moving unit (rack) and a fixed unit (panel) without any locking device but with axial, angular and longitudinal alignment



Connectors for high current and power application:

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4 x 60A (+4 signal contacts)   4 x 100A (+4 signal contacts)  

1 x 250A

1 x 500A, cylindrical connectors with RADSOK® contacts   PowerSafe Series
    Power connector for single and three phase power supply (up to 500V), with separate contacts: first-to-make PE contact (linked to the shell) and first-to break pilot contact for mating and unmating without power.