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Radiotechnika Marketing has been representing AMETEK ROTRON (U.S.) and AMETEK Airscrew (UK) in Poland since 2005. Fans and AC and DC blowers are among the offered products. They have been providing optimal working conditions (airflow) for people and electronics in land and air military applications for more than 60 years. ROTRON and Airscrew products are dedicated to work in extreme conditions, providing an efficient and reliable solution in the field of cooling systems. Fans produced by these companies use AC and DC engines (including brushless motors). They are used in fans, blowers, heat exchangers and specialised cooling systems characterised by the best performance and reliability on the market. They are used worldwide in the most demanding military applications, including aviation industry.



For complete information on available ROTRON and Airscrew products and systems and their selection to the application please visit this information website.